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 Develop your own life practices to cultivate Spacious Witnessing Presence to reawaken your true nature's joy of being and love of life and to recognize the conditioned patterns that mesmerize and trap your awareness in egoic delusion and self created pain and suffering.  Realize your unique potential for authentic self actualization.


The vast majority of the pain and suffering in our experience is avoidable or self created.  The world that most of us have been born into and raised in is marked by many generations of unending cycles of violence and struggles for domination, rooted in fear and attachment to competing systems of belief and allegiance.  A healthy, fully functioning human being and society, on the other hand, is rooted in the joy of being and experience of connectedness to life and community.  All attempts at personal and socio-political liberation from this madness is doomed to fail until a critical mass of human beings realize a shift in consciousness--sometimes referred to as Awakening--and commit to a practice and style of living that promotes this Awakening awareness.

Spacious Witnessing Presence is present moment awareness liberated from unconscious attachment to or identification with thoughts, feelings, beliefs and other habitual patterns of behavior, emotion and ideation.


Eckhart Tolle (Inspired) Community of Marin

Meeting almost every Monday 7:15-9:00pm

The Redwoods, Building 8/10 Lounge

40 Camino Alto, Mill Valley

Eckhart Tolle points the way to true self-realization and the joy of being, liberated from the trance of egoic delusion. The consequences of a world possessed by unwarranted fear, mindless greed and self-deceit are all too evident. The planet cries out for humanity to wake up. Please join us to actualize our primary purpose of being who we truly are, fully awake and aware in this eternal moment of life. Support and be supported by others who see this shift in awareness as the most important undertaking of our lives, for our selves, our loved ones and our precious planet.

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Awareness Liberation

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